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We have the teeth whitening your patients need. No matter the situation, there’s a formula ready to get your patients to the shade that makes them grin without even thinking about it. The trifecta that will prove effective in the majority of your whitening cases are below. We also have some specialty options in addition for rarer cases.



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Opalescence™ PF Teeth Whitening

By far this line has the most variation in strengths. This is so your patient can feel secure in your recommendation for either a long-term or short-term treatment plan. It’s a take-home system that employs syringes and custom trays your office provides. Opalescence gel is available in 10% and 16% concentrations.

The 10% carbamide peroxide formula is optimal for patients who experience sensitivity with whitening. It can be worn for sustained periods of time, day or night, so it’s a good choice for patients who prefer to whiten overnight.

This system is also best recommended for patients who have severe staining that requires a long-term commitment. Discoloration from medication or other factors will take time and patience to correct, and so it’s easier to recommend higher or lower concentrations as needed when a patient checks in on progress.

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Opalescence Go™ Teeth Whitening

Recommend this convenient system to patients who are trying whitening for the first time, or who would simply like a touch up to their smile. Between 60 and 90 minutes is all it takes each day for them to slowly work up to the shade they’d like. There are also two flavors to choose from.

The UltraFit™ tray is made of a discreet material designed to maximize convenience. All pieces are prefilled and single-use. It’s an option that can be used virtually anywhere, as long as the patient can brush and rinse the product off after use. It’s also a very cost-effective option if patients only need to use it for a short time.

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Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste has an RDA (Relative Dental Abrasion) of 78. That means it’s safe for daily use. It’s also the star cavity fighter of the Opalescence™ whitening family. A safe, everyday whitening toothpaste gently scrubs away surface stains and helps maintain a healthy smile. 

Patients can use toothpaste in tandem with our other products for the best results. Opalescence Whitening toothpaste is recommended for surface staining and the Sensitivity Relief formula is recommended for cases where hypersensitivity is a concern.

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