Studied, Tested, and Innovated over any Professional Teeth Whitener

Opalescence™ whitening products are the most studied, tested, and researched over any other professional whitening brand. It’s part of the reason why it’s so highly trusted.


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Academic Studies that back

Opalescence Whitening Products

It's a Gentle Product

Opalescence whitening has been shown not to weaken tooth enamel.1

You'll Work Wonders With It

Opalescence™ PF 10% whitening is successful with fluorosis and even tetracycline staining.2 (With tetracycline stains, treatment can require two to six months.3)

Patient's teeth will be transformed inside & out

Reactive oxygen molecules in Opalescence whitening treat both the enamel and the dentin—oxidizing the bonds of discolored stain molecules.4

Convenient Options for Teeth Whitening

Opalescence Go™ whitening has prefilled UltraFit™ trays. The convenience for you and the patient is topped only by lower intensity of tooth sensitivity, AND lower risk of gingival irritation (when compared to conventional bleaching trays).5

Orthodontic Patients can Whiten Too!

Due to the small molecular size of the whitening agent in Opalescence PF 10%, even areas below a bonded composite attachment are whitened.6

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When someone covers their smile or feels self-conscious to laugh with others, it has a severely dampening effect on their interaction with the world. Keeping your patients healthy and beautiful is a fierce way to bring confidence and joy every day. Hear how caring doctors treated both a patient’s teeth, and their mental wellbeing as a result, in our video below.


Don't Take our Word for It

Hear what clinicians have to say about Opalescence™ Whitening products across the globe.

Most Studied and Tested Icon
The Most Studied & Tested Whitening Brand

More clinical studies, articles, and reviews have been published on Opalescence whitening than any other professional whitening brand. It’s part of the reason why it’s so highly trusted.

People First and Planet Friendly Icon
People First and Planet Friendly

The pleasant flavors also help to encourage patients to finish their whitening regimen. In an effort to reduce our footprint, Opalescence whitening packaging has been designed to be recyclable; and made with recycled materials whenever possible.

Innovative Icon
Most Innovative Whitening Brand

We hold more patents than any other professional teeth whitening brand. Dr. Dan Fischer, a noted advocate of preventative dentistry, innovated a thick (yet hydrated) gel that optimizes the whitening effect. A pH-balanced water-based gel improves patient comfort by reducing sensitivity during whitening.

Most Experienced Icon
Most Experience With the Widest Reach

Since 1990, over 100 million people have whitened their smiles with Opalescence whitening products, which are currently sold in more than 125 countries.

Awards Icon
Recognized, Awarded, and Trusted Whitening Brand

Opalescence whitening products have earned 50+ industry awards from highly respected dental organizations.

Shop our Opalescence Whitening Product Family

Opalescence™ PF Whitening

Use Opalescence PF whitening with custom trays made by your dentist for a personalized whitening solution day or night. With five flavors the whitening experience is completely customizable.

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Opalescence Go Product
Opalescence Go™ Whitening

Opalescence Go™ Whitening is portable and quick. Pop in the UltraFit™ tray for the directed time and brush afterward. You can keep it anywhere there’s a fridge and a toothbrush.

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Opalescence Toothpaste Product
Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste

Our safe whitening toothpaste gently scrubs away surface stains and helps maintain a healthy smile. Use in tandem with our other products for the best results.

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