Ultradent Products has a complete line of restorative products that help you create beautiful quality restorations every time.

Set the right foundation for your restorations with Ultradent Products' line of preparation materials.




Umbrella™ Tongue, Lip & Cheek Retractor

Developed to give you a clear treatment field while making patient comfort a top priority.

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DermaDam™ & DermaDam™ Synthetic

Strong and tear resistant with low dermatitis potential.

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InterGuard™ Interproximal Tooth Guard

Facilitates a safer preparation by protecting the adjacent tooth from iatrogenic damage.*

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Sable™ Seek™ and Seek™

Sable Seek caries indicator contains FD&C dyes, and Seek caries indicator contains D&C dyes in a glycol base. Both are used to stain carious dentin.

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OraSeal Caulking and Putty material effectively adheres to wet rubber dams, wet gingival and mucosal tissues, wet teeth, metals,etc.—even under water or in saliva!

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*Qvist V, Johannessen L, Bruun M. Progression of approximal caries in realtion to iatronic preparation damage. J Dent Res. 1992;71(7):1370-3.

A restoration is only as good as its bond. Make sure your restorations are strong and long-lasting with Ultradent Products' bonding products.




Ultra-Etch™ Etchant

Features the ideal viscosity to facilitate precise placement and superior control.

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Peak™ Universal Bond Adhesive

Features Ultradent’s Dymetech phosphate monomer blend for enhanced strength and greater versatility.

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VALO™ Curing Light

Ultra-high energy broadband LEDs cure all dental materials, and the optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, uniform power.

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Ultra-Blend™ plus

Ultra-Blend plus liner is a light-activated, radiopaque material with calcium hydroxide in a urethane dimethacrylate base. It’s perfect for pulp capping and will not dissolve over time. Ultra-Blend plus liner is highly filled for minimal shrinkage.

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Get the esthetics you need for anterior restorations and the strength you need for posterior restorations with any of Ultradent Products' composites.




Mosaic™ Universal Composite

Effortlessly blends with natural dentin and enamel in both anterior and posterior restorations. Handling properties provide total control during manipulation.

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Composite Wetting Resin

Facilitates composite adaptation by moistening dry composite during contouring.

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Uveneer™ Direct Composite Template System

Allows for predictable, high-quality, natural-looking composite restorations. Works with any preferred composite.

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VALO™ Curing Light

Ultra-high energy broadband LEDs cure all dental materials, and the optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, uniform power.

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For that final, esthetic touch. Ultradent Products' line of finishing materials help your restorations look natural and beautiful.




Jiffy™ Composite Finishing System

Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing any composite material.

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PermaSeal™ Penetrating Composite Sealer

Bonds to composite and etched enamel to seal microcracks and protect and revitalize composite restorations.

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Ultradent™ Diamond Polish Mint

After shaping, finishing, and polishing, create an unsurpassed esthetic polish with Diamond Polish Mint and the Jiffy™ Goat Hair Brush.

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