Beautiful Access, Practical Isolation, in a Comfortable Way!


The NEW Umbrella™ tongue, lip, and cheek retractor has been specially designed and tested for two simple purposes: patient comfort and quick, easy placement. The perfect balance.


The Umbrella retractor easily pops open in the patient's mouth. You simply press the two tabs together, slip it inside the mouth, and pop! The Umbrella retractor eases itself around soft tissues giving you optimal access (and the tongue a relaxing place to settle).


Years of Development

Our Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor was designed to make patient comfort its key component. Keeping the balance of a stable retractor that gives the patient a comfortable, relaxing experience is a challenge. It took years of work in R&D to get the precise dimensions and architecture to be anatomically correct. This retractor helps the patient to hold their mouth open in a natural position, so it’s comfortable and doesn’t strain the muscles.



Adapts for comfort and efficiency during procedures like:

class II restorations
ortho bonding

Unmatched Stability and Design:

Innovative tongue guard provides retraction by resting comfortably under the tongue, keeping the tongue back and away from the working area.

Easy to place

Naturally and gently assists the patient to hold their mouth open, which means no pulling or stretching of the lips

Designed with anatomically placed/shaped bumpers, so clinicians can rest a hand on the patient’s mouth without any pain points

Provides relief to gaggers—for many it doesn’t initiate the gag reflex

Stays in place if a bite check is needed, or useful in conjunction with a bite block